The HavenTech Intercoms SC-100 window intercom system is our most popular intercom
The HavenTech Intercoms SC-100 window intercom system is our most popular intercom

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Perfect Applications for HavenTech Window Intercoms

Enhance your staff and customer experiences with our new amplified window intercoms. Many of our new customers use different terms such as "window speaker intercom" or "security window intercom." Recently, we've had inquiries about "amplified speak-thru" systems and even "window microphones". The answer is yes—we offer all of these! Our window intercoms can be installed in less than an hour, allowing your employees and customers to communicate clearly and comfortably without straining to hear each other. They're also perfect for security office applications, ensuring safety and security for everyone. Plus, all models come with an optional bullet-resistant upgrade for added protection. Active noise cancellation, which enhances sound quality, is standard on all HavenTech window intercoms.

You will find HavenTech Window Intercoms in locations with Payment Window Intercoms, Ticket Window Intercoms, Parking Lots, Security Window Intercoms, Theater Box Offices, Mental Health Facilities, Hospitals, Health Clinics, Transit Authority Ticket Windows, Bank Teller Windows, Amusement Parks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Detention Centers, Prisons, Jails, QSR stores, gas station mini-marts.

Window Intercom

Upgrade your client interactions with amplified window intercom systems from Haven Technology. Tailor-made for dynamic business engagements like ticket counters and financial institutions, our intercom systems deliver unmatched clarity and reliability in communication.

Our intercoms come with a simple installation guide, endure tough business conditions, and cater to the exacting needs of your enterprise. Optimize your service quality and operational productivity with our resilient window intercom solutions.

Discover why our window intercom systems are the best. Acquire a system that works as hard as you do–day after day. Our 30 years of manufacturing experience has streamlined conversations and secure exchanges for indoor and outdoor use with our window intercom speakers.

Security Window Intercom

Security window intercoms provide voice communications between two or more locations for security purposes. They are often used between a locked building entrance door and a constantly attended location in the building, such as a manned security control room. Window intercoms are suitable for banks, brokerage firms, hospitals, and train stations where security glass is installed. They provide clear communication where glass, a security screen, or other similar barriers impair normal speech.

Proudly Made in America

Our window intercoms are manufactured at our factory in Riverside, California. HavenTech window intercoms meet the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for claiming the “Made in USA” standard. That’s why many government entities purchase our products.

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