Safety-Comm SC-100 Amplified Window Intercom System AC or Battery.


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Enhance your communication and staff safety by installing the HavenTech Intercoms SC-100.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery option SC-100L $1,375.00. 

Our most popular window intercom has the rugged good looks to give you many years of reliably clear, amplified sound for your staff and customers alike. 

Staff productivity and customer engagement will instantly improve when they can clearly hear each other. Attesting to its popularity and ease of operation, many architects specify the HavenTech SC-100 window intercom in their plans. 

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Perfect Applications for HavenTech SC-100 Window Intercom
This type of window intercom is often referred to colloquially as a "window speaker system" or
"glass window speaker", we have heard all the names. The SC-100L is (rechargeble Lithium-ion battery)
or the SC-100AC (AC power converter) is the most popular choice of our customers due to its weather resistant
customer side and ease of installation. In less than an hour, your employees and customers will be able to
communicate using normal voice levels. This talk-thru window intercom mounts in the hole in standard glass
or bullet-proof glass barrier. Headsets, bullet resistance and more options.
Payment Windows Stadium Ticket Offices Parking Lots Airport TSA, Bus & Train Terminals
Theater Box Offices Mental Health Facilities Hospitals, Health Clinics Houses of Worship
Bank Teller Windows Amusement Parks Night Clubs, Entertainment Detention Centers, Prisons, Jails

HavenTech SC-100 Series

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
AC power converter

"What's in the Box"

Standard Features for SC-100AC & SC-100L

  • Voice Activated Switch
  • Duplex Communication
  • Compact 4.0" Diameter Design
  • Background Noise Level Monitoring
  • Durable .125" thick Aluminum Construction
  • Adapter for Standard AC Wall Outlet for Power *** SC-100AC
  • Charging Adapter for Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery*** SC-100L
  • Factory Installed Lithium-ion Battery, 10-12 Hours Duty Time*** SC100L
  • Detailed Instructions, Schematics & Installation Support by Phone
  • Fits 3.0”-3.5" Diameter Hole, add Mounting Adapters for 4", 5", 6" holes in barrier

SC-100L with PTO "Push to Override" &
3.5mm wireless headset jack

Optional Features for SC-100AC & SC-100L

  • "Push to Override" (PTO) Button (Red)
  • Headset Jack, specify 2.5mm or 3.5mm (At top)
  • Mounting Adapters sizes 4" diameter - 6" diameter
  • UL Equivalent Level II, Level III, Level IV Bullet Resistant Inserts
  • Bullet Resistant mounting adapters are required for 5" & 6" holes.

Metal Grill vs. HavenTech Window Intercom

  • We know you care about the health and safety of your Staff and Customers.

  • Bullet resistance to Level II, Level III, Level IV are available as options.

  • Replacing that metal grill with a HavenTech Window Intercom is the smart choice. 

  • Unlike the metal grill, the HavenTech window intercom is a sealed unit. It blocks transmission of
    airborne particles thus protecting your staff and customers.

  • You will receive a nice added benefit of increased staff productivity and much clearer communication while helping your guests.

  • Installs in less than 1 hour; phone support available.

Talk all day with Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

  On an overnight charge, the internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides 8-10
 hours of duty time.* Many
 customers prefer the battery version because there is
no cable or 
conduit to obstruct the window. 

HavenTech Intercom, SC-100L has a lithium ion battery giving 8-10 hours of duty time.  Made in America

A jack on the Staff side of the unit for connecting
the battery charger, which requires a standard 110v wall outlet nearby.
*duty time = assumes 30% talk time, 70% idle time


Easy, less than 1 hour installation.

Tighten 4 nuts. Nut driver required.
Connect 1 wire harness clip.
Tighten 4 screws.

Mounting Adapter Options

Mounting Adapters are not needed for hole sizes 3" - 3.5"
Mounting Adapters 1 - (set of 2) are necessary for proper installation of a
Window Intercom into pre-existing mounting hole sizes of 5"- 6" in the barrier

HavenTech Mounting Adapters are available in the sizes and materials shown.
Black Aluminum, Clear Acrylic, Bullet Resistant Stainless Steel.

Please carefully measure the diameter of the mounting hole in your barrier.
Below are the typical mounting hole sizes. 
Please review these questions about measurements: Helpful questions before placing your order

If Mounting Adapters are required for your
project, please add 1 - (set of 2) to your order.
Sold only in sets of 2.


Proper installation of 1 - (set of 2) Mounting Adapters.

             Mounting Adapters for SC-100L Window Intercom




5"- 6" Mounting Adapters for SC-100 and SC-350, Clear Acrylic

Clear mounting adapter for installing a 4: Haventech window intercom into holes larger than 4". Similar mounting adapters are also available in black aluminum and bullet resistant stainless steel. Made in America, Riverside, CA

This Clear Mounting Adapter is required to install a HavenTech Window Intercom in
5" - 6" hole in regular glass. For applications requiring Bullet Resistant Mounting Adapters,
we supply them also. The 3/8th inch (.375") thick clear acrylic adapter is easy to install
with your window intercom.