Buying American Made Products is Good for US

Because Americans care about America.

Since its inception in 1991, Haven Technology Corporation (HavenTech Intercoms) has made it a priority to manufacture our window intercom components and finished intercoms in the United States.

Our Electrical Engineer designs the products from the extruded aluminum outer casing to the internal circuit boards that do the important work of producing clean, clear sound. In addition to the quality control performed during manufacturing, every one our products is tested again before it ships to you.

  • Manufacturing in America is Cost-Effective

  • Manufacturing in America minimizes Supply Chain Chaos

  • Manufacturing in America contributes cash to American Workers

  • Manufacturing in America creates and sustains U.S. Jobs

  • Manufacturing in America enhances manufacturing Quality Control

  • Manufacturing in America encourages Environmental Sustainability

  • Manufacturing in America captures tax revenue for Federal, State & Local authorities

  • Manufacturers are more willing to be flexible to meet your Tight deadlines.